ACC | Installing Adobe Campaign on Debian

Psst! Listen up, fellow campaigners! Did you know that you can actually install Adobe Campaign Classic locally and it won’t cost you a penny? Of course, you won’t be able to run actual marketing campaigns with it, but you can use it as your personal development playground. It’s like having a sandbox, but for grown-ups. […]

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Marketing Automation, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, SFMC Tips & Tricks

SFMC TIP | How to Link Journey to Delivery

1 minute read#data views #SQL

In Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can link the customer journey to delivery using data views. Custom views that contain e.g. all tracking information. Here are some steps you can follow to link the journey to delivery using data views: This SQL view will return data such as the subscriber key, event date, journey and activity […]

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SFMC tips and tricks
ACC Tips & Tricks, Adobe Campaign

ACC TIP | How To Convert Base64 to PDF attachment

1 minute read#delivery #JavaScript #jsapi #programming

In this article, I will provide a simple trick for converting Base64 encoded data to PDF using JSAPI in Adobe Campaign Classic. Due to AC’s inability to attach Base64-encoded files directly to emails, this method can prove to be highly useful. Base64 data format that would be easy to use when supperted by Adobe Campaign […]

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Adobe campaign tips and tricks

SFMC TIP | Error updating filter

Marketing Automation, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, SFMC Tips & Tricks
less than a minute read

If you’re using Email Studio in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and receive an ‘Error: updating filter’ message when creating a new Data Extension, it’s likely because the name you’ve chosen already exists.

This error message can be misleading, but a simple solution is to rename the Data Extension with a more unique identifier. Make sure to double-check for any additional spaces or formatting issues that may be causing the error. Refer to Salesforce’s documentation for more information on troubleshooting Data Extension errors.

Error updating filter
Marketing Automation, Salesforce Marketing Cloud

SFMC | Adding reCAPTCHA to cloud page form

3 minutes read

Last time we implemented recaptcha for this blog that is build on WordPress CMS. You can read the article here. Today I will show you, how to implement same recaptcha from google but on Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pages. To register your cloud page, you will need to register each domain separately, visit  google recaptcha and […]

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Building the blog, Wordpress

WP | Adding reCAPTCHA to wordpress page

4 minutes read

As owner of a blog that is around for a while with any traffic, you will find sooner or later annoying amount of spam comments taking your blog by storm. If the akismet is not your cup of tea and you do not want to pay for possible license (commercial use), then I can show […]

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Programing editor
Building the blog

Building blog from “scratch”

1 minute read#cms #wordpress

This is the first post from the series on how I built, or more precisely on how I will build this blog. Before you will start to build your own blog, well right after you chose your hosting provider and buy your domain, you will have to decide technology, CMS or blogging platform. Of course […]

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Hello world!
Building the blog

Hello world!

1 minute read

This is the martechnotes’ first post. So why not start by saying something about who we are and what you will find on our blog. We are MarTech (Marketing Technology) professionals and we have been working for 8+ years in this industry. As my father used to say: Professional is somebody who gets paid for […]

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