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Use client-side JavaScript in content block

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Recently, I attempted to reference a content block from a cloud page that contained client-side JavaScript, and to my surprise, Salesforce Marketing Cloud removed it entirely. It looks like certain hook that triggers when you save your content block doesn;t like client side scripts and are completely removed like comments are when a executable program is compiled.

It took me some time to notice this behaviour. One day when I did not have to smash other marketing automation problem I did some investigation, and lo and behold, it’s actually a common “feature”. With that in mind, I’ve found a simple workaround on YouTube. Let’s take a look at the content block (snippet of code)

  //your client side javascript
  var 1plus1 = ()=>1+1

On cloud page we simply reffer to this block by


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Marcel Szimonisz
Marcel Szimonisz
MarTech consultant As a marketing automation consultant, I specialize in solving problems, automating processes, and driving innovation in my clients' marketing platforms.

I hold certifications in Adobe Campaign v6 (3x certified) and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (5x certified).

Additionally, I serve as a community advisor for Adobe Campaign, offering expert insights and guidance.

In addition to my professional pursuits, I also enjoy exploring various programming languages, CMSs, and frameworks, further enhancing my technical expertise and staying at the forefront of industry advancements.
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