SMFC TIP | NULL value comparison in IF statement

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If you have field in DE that its value is not always populated for a particular row (customer) and you test field value against any value cloud page will throw an 500 – internal server error.

To fix this you will need to add another AND-condition to test field value for NULL

var @field;// null value

if @field == 4 then

preference center
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SFMC | Multi-cloud preference center

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With majority of the implementations the out of the box center is not sufficient for the client and we are tasked to build custom preference center for them. We can assume that the preference center is only applicable for known subscribers most likely coming from email communication.  When we send email in salesforce marketing cloud, […]

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Email Double opt in
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SFMC | Double opt-in with service cloud

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Double opt in is basically the must have process on any newsletter sign up page in any marketing automation tool. This will help you to establish cleaner email list of contacts, that most likely have given in their email address that they use. This will reward you with better deliverability rate. Double opt in process, […]

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