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How Does It All Work?

We specialize in offering expert marketing automation consultancy services on a subscription basis. Our team consists of technical consultants and developers with years of experience.

Our main focus is on two most powerful and leading marketing automation platforms.

Salesforce marketing cloud log

Salesforce marketing cloud

Unfortunately, SFDC does not provide a free sandbox to everyone. However, when needed, we can either sign an NDA document or provide all the work on your sandbox

Technical consultants x 1, Senior developers x 2

Adobe Campaign Classic

Adobe Campaign Classic

Your very own Adobe Campaign Classic sandbox will be provided with an active subscription. You can add as many users as you want.

Technical consultants x 2, Senior developers x 2

Personal kanban board provided

Create tasks

Feel free to add as many tasks as you prefer, with all the necessary details. A personalized Kanban board is exclusively provided to each client.

One task at a time

One at a time

Each new task is picked only when the previous one is moved to ‘Done,’ ensuring client satisfaction with the results.

Recieve feedback and have any amount of revisions


Expect feedback within 2-3 working days, and enjoy the unparalleled benefit of having unlimited revisions at your disposal.


14 days trial period

Cancel Anytime in the First 14 Days for a Money-Back Guarantee!

Save money!

Senior-level consultants cost twice as much, and there are no hidden strings attached.

Cancel / pause anytime

During periods of no work, you have the option to pause your subscription and resume it anytime.

Scope of work


Feel free to ask anything you like about the tools; consider us as your personal forum. We are here to assist and provide you with the most comprehensive answers to your queries, so you have a smooth experience.


Allow us to relieve the burden from your shoulders and optimize any process, so you can focus on what matters the most. With our extensive experience, over 7 years in the martech industry, we can bring the best practices to any process.

Proces design

You will provide us with your specific business requirements, and in return, we will furnish you with a comprehensive technical design solution. Our expertise ensures a tailored approach that aligns perfectly with your needs and objectives.

Code review

We will review any code snippet (AMPScript, SSJS, JS), workflow, or automation, as well as campaigns or journeys. We will provide comprehensive feedback with well-explained improvements, step by step, for the reviewed item.


Tailor-made automations (technical workflows), journeys (campaigns). Leveraging vast experience and adhering to industry best practices, our team ensures every automation is finely tuned to your specific needs.

Custom development

Our custom solution encompasses a wide array of powerful tools and technologies, including SSJS, AMPScript, JSAPI, JavaScript, technical workflows, automations, and application features. With our expertise, we can craft a tailored solution.


Build of new creatives or refine existing ones through a range of personalized enhancements such as translations, coupon assignment any other conditional content blocks or custom and reusable blocks using AMPScript, SSJS, JS. Makde tweaks to the HTML copy.


We wholeheartedly recognize the vast and undeniable importance of comprehensive documentation, and it is our unwavering commitment to furnish you with all the necessary information and instructions for seamless usage and future reference.

Make presentations

We specialize in creating engaging presentations on any topic related to Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Adobe Campaign Classic. The presentations will be delivered in PowerPoint format.


Feeling overwhelmed by a challenging task or are you stuck? Let us handle it for you! We will provide your team with support in every aspect of a campaign lifecycle.

Select subscription

Marketing Automation Specialist

2 500 €/month

  • 14 days trial period
  • one request at a time
  • 2 users with access to the Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket
  • Pause or cancel anytime

Fancy a regular invoice or do you need more information?

Feel free to book a call.


To simply answer this question: Subscribing to our Marketing Automation Specialist gives you access to an entire team of specialists, including developers and technical consultants. Not only is this service cost-effective, but it is also more convenient than finding, hiring, and onboarding a new team of MarTech specialists. The annual cost of a full-time senior-level specialist can range from €40,000 to well over €100,000, depending on the country, without considering the benefits and availability challenges.

We leverage Atlassian and its suite of tools to manage software development projects. For task tracking, we utilize Jira, while the codebase is hosted on Bitbucket, and documentation is stored on Confluence. Each client receives a dedicated space where all project details are meticulously captured, unless they prefer to use their own infrastructure. Should a subscription be canceled, the client’s space will be archived for 6 months before being permanently removed.

For complex tasks, such as implementing custom features in the environment, we kindly request you to create an Epic for these specific requirements. This Epic will serve as a container for smaller tasks that we will systematically work on to achieve the desired outcome. Breaking down the project into manageable tasks allows for a more organized and efficient approach, ensuring every aspect is carefully addressed and completed to your satisfaction.

For custom content builder blocks, journey activities and cloud apps we mostly utilize MERN (MongoDb, Express, React, Node.js) stack with slight changes depending the project we currently work on.

For every Adobe Campaign Subscription, you gain the advantage of a complimentary development environment exclusively dedicated to your needs. As for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, if your company lacks any sandbox or development environment, we have a solution. We can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure the utmost confidentiality and provide you with a suitable environment for your marketing endeavors.

You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. If the subscription is canceled within the first month as a new customer, we will refund you the amount proportionally based on the number of days left in the month. If not, you can continue creating tasks only until the end of your billing cycle. When your subscription is paused, perhaps because you don’t have work for us every time, you can resume it whenever you want, and you will be charged in the next billing cycle. Your subscription can be resumed upon an individual request.

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