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The Power of Send Log in SFMC

Send log in Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a feature that allows you to track the delivery, open, click, and other engagement metrics for the emails that you send from your account. This feature helps you to gain insights into the performance of your email campaigns and optimize them for better results.

When you enable send log in Marketing Cloud, the system creates a record for each email sent from your account. This record includes information about the recipient, the sender, the date and time of the send, and other metadata. As the email is delivered and interacted with by the recipient, the system updates this record with engagement data, such as opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes.

You can view send logs for individual sends or for a group of sends based on criteria such as date range, email name, or subscriber list. This data can help you to identify trends and patterns in your email engagement, and make informed decisions about your email marketing strategy.

Overall, send log is a useful feature in Salesforce Marketing Cloud that provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your email campaigns and allows you to optimize them for better results.

What I did not know?

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that you can store automatically any data coming from source data extension or any AMPScript variable defined in the message content, and as well as any personalization strings.

For instance, if you wanted to add a subject line used for a message, you create a new column in the send log data extension and name it the same as the variable used to display subject line (i.e., “subjectline”).

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