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Error: Not all items were deleted

Yet another subtle error message, this one with a shy demeanor, may catch you off guard, particularly when you’re in the process of deleting a data extension. Its reserved nature might leave you hanging, wondering about the outcome and seeking further clarification. In such instances, it becomes crucial to decipher the message carefully to ensure a smooth and error-free data management experience.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Not all items were deleted error

Behind this elusive error lies a simple reason—you can’t remove a data extension due to the data extension control policies. The solution? Open the data extension. By doing that, you can work within the established policies.

  1. Click on the ‘Manage policies’ button located in the top-right corner. If you don’t see the button, it indicates that you don’t have the necessary rights to perform this operation.
  2. Once you access the ‘Manage policies’ section, ensure to check the box that says ‘Allow users to delete this Data Extension.’
Salesforce Marketing Cloud - manage policy for data extensions in contact builder

With this simple step, you’ll successfully address the restriction and enable the deletion of the Data Extension.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud - successfully deleted the item(s)

In the same ‘Policies’ modal window, you can configure whether users have the ability to modify or add data extension fields. These settings may introduce yet another challenge when attempting to edit fields on data extension.

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