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Troubleshooting issues with Data Extensions

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There are other aspects that I find rather unknown; while there is likely a rational explanation, the platform doesn’t provide straightforward answers. Here are some learnings of mine while working with data extensions:

  • You can only increase the character lenght for strings and numbers.
  • You can get error updating filter. That is very mindblowing what is the actual cause.
  • Exporting rows from a data extension doesn’t guarantee their successful import. For instance, I exported rows from Contact Builder, modified a single flag, and attempted to re-import the same data. However, an error occurred indicating that the date format was incorrect. When I tried to import same file in email studio it worked.

Importing in Contact Builder throws a validation error on the date field. The same file has been successfully imported via Email Studio.


	Inserted: 0
	Updated: 0


	Invalid Date: 16

Validation results have been logged to a delimited text file and attached to this message.
  • You can only utilize the quick search functionality for fields that are designated as primary keys.
  • You can refresh table records by changing pagination to another setting. Pagination is only available in contact builder.
  • You can change data retention only when records are below 100M but even then I could not see that working (maybe there is lag). Best is to set everything when creating the data extension.
  • Email studio is sorting folders and data extensions differently than contact builder. I can assume only that email studio is sorting alphabetically and contact builder by crated date.
  • To change / see data extensions structure sometimes it is faster by accessing it via email studio.
  • Retention settings only can be changed in Contact builder.
  • Tracking tab is only accessible in the Email studio.

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