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Troubleshooting issues with Data Extensions

There are other aspects that I find rather unknown; while there is likely a rational explanation, the platform doesn’t provide straightforward answers. Here are some learnings of mine while working with data extensions:

  • You can only increase the character lenght for strings and numbers.
  • You can get error updating filter. This is caused by another data extension sharing same name, thus preventing you to save duplicate.
  • Exporting rows from a data extension doesn’t guarantee their successful import. For instance, I exported rows from Contact Builder, modified a single flag, and attempted to re-import the same data. However, an error occurred indicating that the date format was incorrect. When I tried to import same file in email studio it worked.
  • Importing in Contact Builder throws a validation error on the date field. The same file has been successfully imported via Email Studio.

	Inserted: 0
	Updated: 0


	Invalid Date: 16

Validation results have been logged to a delimited text file and attached to this message.
  • You can only utilize the quick search functionality for fields that are designated as primary keys.
  • You can refresh table records by changing pagination to another setting. Pagination is only available in contact builder. In email studio to refresh counts you have to navigate to another folder and back.
  • You can change data retention only when records are below 100M but even then I could not see that working (maybe there is lag). Best is to set everything when creating the data extension.
  • Email studio is sorting folders and data extensions differently than contact builder. I can assume only that email studio is sorting alphabetically and contact builder by crated date.
  • To change / see data extensions structure sometimes it is faster by accessing it via email studio.
  • Change field to primary key is two step process in contact builder. First you need to mark it as required and save. After you can change it to primary key. In email studio this can be done in one step on multiple fields at the same time.
  • Retention settings only can be changed in Contact builder.
  • Tracking tab is only accessible in the Email studio.

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