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Data views for transactional emails

Data views for transactional emails

Data views in Salesforce Marketing Cloud are very handy, when it comes to getting data insights from various sources inside the platform.

I will give you a quick start on how to get data insights for you transactional emails using data views. We will use data from _Sent, _Job, and _Subscriber view

SELECT top 100
_Sent s
left join _Subscribers sk ON s.SubscriberKey = sk.SubscriberKey
left join _Job j ON s.JobID = j.JobID

where ListID = 708
order by j.DeliveredTime DESC
s.TriggererSendDefinitionObjectID - object id (auto generated)
s.TriggeredSendCustomerKey - definition key (you choose)
s.EventDate - date when the first message has been triggered for a particular day
j.DeliveredTime - date when the message was actually delivered to recipient
j.PickupTime - when the message was picked up by currently running job
j.SchedTime - when the job scheduled the message
s.ListID - list where you add all who you sent transactional email 

Good to know

Use one publication list for all transactional messages. so when you will come to reduce your contacts you can remove the contacts only ever targeted in transactional messages

There is actual delay from when you send the transactional message and when it is actually written to the _Sent view

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Marcel Szimonisz
Marcel Szimonisz
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