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Make your own Adobe Campaign Classic GPT

Make your own Adobe Campaign Classic GPT

Is a new era approaching? Are we on the brink of using AI as an alternative to Google, thereby establishing a new norm where we “GPT-ed” a topic? With the paid version of OpenAI chat, you gain access to personalized chatbots known as GPTs. These bots are capable of retrieving and providing advanced answers by accessing specific documentation that you can attach to each of them.

I intend to put this to the test by developing my own Adobe Campaign chatbot to help with daily tasks. Let’s explore the potential outcomes that may arise.

Download official documentation

You can download the entire documentation from the GitHub repository, as it is currently using GitHub Pages. Everything you find on the official pages is located in the GitHub repository.

Download github repository to as archive

After downloading the repository as a ZIP archive and extracting it, we can delete all the images to reduce the file size. Open the folder, search for assets, and try to remove all files except for the .md files. This will reduce the entire folder size to around 5 MB, making it feasible to upload to our GPTs.

JSAPI help

Zip the contents without images and load it to GPT asking to concatenate all .md files into one. All this should bring the file down to 5 MB which can be eassily added to the GPT knowledge archive.

Similarly if you can find the good old jsapi-en.chm help file. Then simply print and save it into pdf file.

Adobe Campaign Classic  JSAPI help file

Create your very own GPT

Now that we have prepared the knowledge base for our GPT, we can begin to create our own personal Adobe Campaign professional available 24/7, answering any questions you may have.

I assume you have already subscribed or if you did not ask someone who did to send you invitation. This will give you three months trial period to decide whether to subscribe or not the GPT pro.

If you are all set navgiate to GPTs section and create new GPTs.

Create GPTs menu item

Add name, description and you can use folowing instructio’s set:

Adobe Campaign Classic GPT is tailored to work primarily with the provided Adobe Campaign documentation and the JavaScript API (JSAPI) documentation available on the Adobe Experience League website. Its focus will be on delivering precise answers and guidance based on these resources. ACC GPT should prioritize providing solutions and explanations that are directly referenced from or aligned with these official documents. The GPT will avoid giving speculative answers or advice not backed by the documentation. It will not engage in discussions outside the scope of Adobe Campaign and its JSAPI, ensuring a high degree of relevance and accuracy in its responses.

It might not be the best, but if you look around, I’m sure you will find better instructions than what I have come up with.

Add all files that will be used as GPT’s knowledge base, which we have created before.

Chat GPT knowledge settings section

I asked GPT how it uses the knowledge base files and, for clarification on their use. Surprisingly (though it makes sense in hindsight), we are not training our own model. GPT reviews the provided documentation at the start of every conversation. Here is the answer:

The files you have uploaded, including the JSAPI documentation for Adobe Campaign, are suitable for me to read and extract information from. However, my ability to learn from these documents is limited to searching and referencing the content based on your queries. I can’t internalize or remember the content beyond the scope of our current session.

For specific questions about Adobe Campaign, especially those related to its JavaScript API or other technical aspects covered in the documentation, feel free to ask, and I will search the documents to provide you with the most relevant information available in them.

Chat GPT

Let’s continue. You can add conversation starters, although I’m not sure of the point if you can give instructions in the first prompt without needing to wait for a response or clicking the stop button.

In the capabilities settings, you can select all or deselect any you might not be using, such as DALL-E image generation.

And we’re done. You have just created the Adobe Campaign companion you’ve always dreamed of.

If you want to be spared the hassle of creating one, you can use one I have created. I will refine it here and then, so it will provide us with the best possible answers.

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