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Export connection strings from console

Export connection strings from console

Whether you change your laptop or want to save actual configuration for your colleagues. You can easily achieve that by taking all connection strings as XML.

Open connection string XML
<connections xtkschema="xtk:connections">
  <folder label="Connections">
    <cnx id="1" ims="false" label="Label" url="http://localhost">

ims – connection over adobe id SSO

Also similar approach is to directly change the connection string file nlclient_cnx.xml that is located under your local AppData folder. To quickly navigate there just type in your file explorer %appdata%

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Marcel Szimonisz
Marcel Szimonisz
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I hold certifications in Adobe Campaign v6 (3x certified) and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (5x certified), as well as 1x Salesforce Associate certified.

Moreover, I serve as a community advisor for Adobe Campaign, providing expert insights and guidance.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I explore various programming languages, CMSs, and frameworks, enhancing my technical expertise and staying at the forefront of industry advancements.
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