SMFC TIP | Query filtered data extension

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Easy way to segment your data is to use filtered data extension. Here we can use user interface to set up conditions as we like. When you want to add this newly filtered data extension to the SQL activity you will find that data extension cannot be found in the file browser.

But it is there! 

You can query it just like another DE from the SQL activity or Query studio. Just get the name and you are good to go.

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Email marketing basics

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It does not really matter what email (omni channel) marketing automation platform you will end up using, the basics are shared among all of them. And you will most likely come across there on your day to day work as campaign manager. Multichannel Interaction with recipients is done on multiple, online and offline, channels such […]

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WP | Style WordPress comments in bootstrap

4 minutes read

With creating your own WordPress theme you will have to style comment section. For that purpose you will have to add a bit of own styling. In my case I used bootstrap CSS framework that makes life easier for programmers that are not that proficient with front end styling. This will make sure that your […]

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ACC | Implementing DKIM

2 minutes read

Have you ever wondered how to implement DKIM in Adobe Campaign Classic, look no further here is how you can do it. Implementing DKIM for Adobe Campaign Classic, gave many hard times as there is no official documentation you can follow step by step. But nothing is lost, it is easier than you may think. […]

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