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Page is in the works and, therefore you might see it changing time to time or perhaps sometimes experiencing weird errors. It’s all good it’s part of this project and the journey to get a blog and I am on the road to document it all.

February 2022

Recaptcha v3 updated as spam still happened a lot around 70% went undetected and that’s why I have introduced as well the score which is stricter than the default set. Featured posts functionality added. Overall design small upgrades. It is possible to subscribe to the monthly newsletter.

October 2021

Created new theme from undescores wordpress boiler template and added bootstrap 5 to the project.

September 2021

Added recaptcha v3 to the blog

The SEO Framework – SEO plugin simple to use does it all

Cookie GDPR consent – easy to use GDPR consent bar

Google Analytics – to see you coming or not

Really Simple SSL – as i am lazy and this always worked no need to set up anything and after you can remove it

CodeMirror Blocks – to highlight any programing language syntax

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